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Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Tanah Karo : Bukit Gundaling

 Gundaling Hill Tanah Karo
Bukit Gundaling
Karokab, Arikel Pariwisata, Gundaling hill is a tourist attraction, which is in Tanah Karo. This hill has a beautiful natural charm. Above (top) there is a hill surrounded by a garden path. From the top of the hill to the east, we could enjoy the Berastagi city with the backdrop of Barus Mount . Early in the morning if we are lucky to be enjoying the sun.

Cool air travelers can make long lingering on top of the hill. To the west you can enjoy views of agricultural land with the background population Sinabung Volcano. Around this hill you can walk or ride a horse-riding and "sado" (wagon). To the south you can enjoy views of the Twin Hills, Mount Sibuaten. So also with the south-east you can enjoy views of the Volcano Sibayak.

On this hill, many people around who provide goods and souvenirs. Also available is a restaurant with a menu of national and local menu, chines, and so forth. If you forget or do not have a camera, do not worry. Because here are also available photo service directly so, with a certain fee. If prayer time comes, for those of you that Muslims do not be afraid, because there are also places of worship for you.

But unfortunately at this time at the top of the hill, a little from bald, due to a lot of dead trees due to age factor. Yet the authorities are now beginning to fix it.
Berastagi City
Brastagi city
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